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from June 15-17, 2017

Thank you to the 45,000 participants who supported us at our debut event in 2016
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After Viva Tech, it’s become clear that nothing will ever be the same for the French digital ecosystem…
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VivaTechnologyParis @VivaTech 2 days 16 hours 55 min 25 sec
RT @Francois_XXII: Nouveau mode de déplacement en #VR. Merci pour la démo @pejmantokyoite embarquement imminent pour le @VivaTech ft @XXII_
VivaTechnologyParis @VivaTech 2 days 19 hours 15 min 10 sec
Bestof #VivaTech 2016 #speaker @Cisco's John Chambers "Viva French Tech! France is the country I'd bet on in Europe"
VivaTechnologyParis @VivaTech 2 days 22 hours 35 min 1 sec
#ICYMI @PokemonGoApp adds symbolic stops at @WEF to raise awareness for global-change initiatives. Big up…


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