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“Something Big Happened...”

Pierre-Henri Kuhn

After Viva Tech, it’s become clear that nothing will ever be the same for the French digital ecosystem…

An easy way to sum up what happened at the first edition of Viva Tech could be to disclose numbers:

Over 3 days, VivaTech gathered 45,000 visitors in 3 days - including 5,000 startups, 600 international speakers at over 300 sessions and seminars with the world’s biggest names in tech. In addition to that, over €10 million were distributed to startups through pitch sessions & awards.

Numbers, however, are just indicators that something big happened in Paris, as Tech Crunch editor Mike Butcher put it on day 1.

Numbers cannot describe the frantic alleyways, the hundreds of business matches, and the thousands of great stories and experiences lived along those three days - as covered by world youtubers present at the venue.

Numbers will also fail at reporting the countless tech and business insights shared on stage by world leaders and the edgiest entrepreneurs. Main stage sessions are already available here, as well as a selection of the best sessions (E. Schmidt, Robin Li, S.Y. Lau, Tim Armstrong, etc.)

Numbers won’t help us relate the unique experience of startups and large companies collaborating at Viva Tech. For the first time, major international companies challenged and selected the most relevant startups in their fields for 3 days of meetings, work and pitch sessions. Given the feedback on both sides, we are convinced to have triggered (or at least fostered) something huge for the sake of innovation on the long run.

We knew it was impossible, still went for it

You’ll guess some numbers were part of the deal since day one. The kickoff was launched with one deadline in mind: we had 6 months to build a world-class conference. And a great one, obviously.

Extravagant at first, the target quickly became reachable thanks to the tremendous efforts put in by our partners, to their enthusiasm and their confidence as well. Sponsors, VCs, journalists, startup leaders and techies around the world… the support has been amazing. And the project quickly became too big to fail: we had to exceed our goals. On the first morning of VivaTech, our pride was shared with the whole innovation community and tech ecosystem.

A global platform for innovation, and so much more

So what’s happening next? We’ll work harder. We’ll innovate in content, in formats and experiences to justify Paris’ place at the heart of innovation, and its position as a major hub of synergies between large companies and startups. Considering the passion, the enthusiasm both on the business side and in the general public, we can’t wait to launch Viva Tech 2017.

See you next year!

"France is going to become the startup capital of the world" - John Chambers, CEO, Cisco




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