What is a challenge?

Take on one of our startup challenges
Why particpate ?

A unique opportunity for startups to grow by participating to challenges proposed by major corporations, investors and partners

Are you looking to partner with a leading business to accelerate your startup? Do you need new investors to take your business to the next level? Are you looking to join some of the top incubators and accelerators in the digital ecosystem?

The challenges at Viva Technology set the stage for your startup to connect & grow by introducing you to the right people & opportunities.

On the Connect platform, you will find :

  • Major companies looking to use open innovation to hack some of their most strategic business challenges and to partner with startups to find the right solutions;
  • Top VC’s looking for future investment opportunities and the opportunity to pitch them live at Viva Technology Paris ;
  • Accelerators, incubators and other major actors that want to add your expertise to their programs;
  • Special awards and prizes to reward the best pitches and startups

Check out the Connect platform to find your next opportunity of growth by participating in the open innovation challenges.


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